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Viva Health Student Plans

College Life Is Stressful And Expensive Enough.

Imagine the additional burden of unpaid medical bills hanging over your head. Often times, it's more than a student or family can handle. The dream of a college education or a promising career must be put on hold while the devastating expense of health care for the uninsured student takes priority.

Statistics Show That Approximately One-Third Of The Nation's College Students Have Inadequate Or No Health Care Insurance At All.

Many students over the age of 18 may not be covered by their parents' policy away from home. Also, those covered by HMOs or PPOs may not have coverage for non-emergency related services when at school and outside the plan's coverage area. The non-insured student not only runs the risk of financial disaster from inadequate medical care because of exclusions for many medical procedures affecting the uninsured. Additionally, students without proper coverage often defer medical treatment which can lead to more serious consequences or complications.

Now For The Good News...

Viva Health is pleased to have been chosen as the exclusive health plan for:
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Jefferson State Community College International Students
Students and their families can now have peace of mind knowing that health related issues while at school can be addressed in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our plans are very affordable and provide quality coverage for students and their dependents.

When you compare the low cost of these Student Health Plans to the high cost of treating just one minor accident or illness, it's clear this plan is something every student should consider.

We believe you will find the level of coverage we are offering very attractive. Since our inception in 1995, Viva Health has grown to be one of the largest health plans in the state of Alabama. Viva Health is headquartered in Alabama, allowing us to offer superior customer service to our student members.

For more information on the plans we offer and how to enroll, please feel free to read our online brochures below.

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