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Why Viva

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Lower Your Costs. Not Your Standards.

There's an old saying: A satisfied customer tells 2 people, while an unsatisfied customer tells 10.
That's why a lot of people haven't heard of us: Too many satisfied customers!

How Do We Do It?

For starters, when you dial our customer service department, you get a service representative – without having to punch through an endless menu of options. You can even ask for a representative by name – because our staff is all in one location, right here in Alabama.

More importantly, when you're covered by Viva Health, you're covered. In fact, we encourage you to compare our coverage against anybody's.

Call Viva Health

for healthcare coverage you can afford. And trust.

If you thought there was only one reliable choice for healthcare coverage, think again. Since 1995, Viva Health has built a provider network that includes all Birmingham area hospitals, and a customer base of over 80,000 throughout Alabama.

Many of Alabama's largest employers have chosen Viva Health for their employees. More importantly, the overwhelming majority of our customers renew their coverage with us year after year.


  • Competitive rates and benefits
  • No deductibles
  • Low co-payments
  • A variety of plan design options

Viva is a health maintenance organization providing affordable health care plans that are good for your employees and good for your business. Founded by professionals with years of experience in the health care industry, Viva is a subsidiary of Triton Health Systems, L.L.C. that is part of the renowned University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Health System. All individuals and organizations connected with Viva work hard to simplify and improve health care by delivering excellent, cost-effective care through a network of the finest physician, hospital, and ancillary providers in the market.

Triton Health Systems is a limited liability corporation based in Birmingham, Alabama. For over ten years Triton has been assisting customers by providing managed health care services, health plan management, and health plan administration.

Viva Health, Inc. is a subsidiary of Triton Health Systems, a company owned by the UAB Health System.

Call, Write or Email Us Today!

Contact Viva Health for a no-obligation quote at your convenience.
Together, let's lower your cost. Not your standards.

In Birmingham: (205) 939-1718
Toll Free: 1 (800) 294-7780

Great Rates. Great Coverage.

And almost unheard-of customer service.